Risk of Rain

risk of rain screenshot Looks primitive, but addictive game-play Risk of Rain brings a charming, pixel-art loot shooter to the masses.  It’s an affordable, run-on-anything, kind of game that looks simple from a distance, but has a richly rewarding game-play style that is rivaled by few.  This game has terrific operating system support, with native clients for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.  Its a side scrolling game that pits you against ever-increasing difficult mobs.  You choose a character that has different abilities, and then… Read the rest

Nation Red

featured image of nation red Uh oh… zombies Nation Red is a simple, top-down Zombie shooter.  Its a great game to “get-in-and-get-out”.  The game basically pits you (with four of your friends) in an endless race of survival.  You start off with simple weapons, but as you kill the endlessly spawning zombies, new weapons and powerups are revealed.  Furthermore, as you kill the zombies, you also “level up”, which allows you to choose from a number of randomly generated traits to further enhance or improve… Read the rest

Mercenary Kings

mercenary kings screenshot In search of loot… Mercenary Kings is a four player (local or internet) shoot-em up/RPG.  It plays a lot like Metal Slug (and looks like it), but has some interesting RPG elements, such as crafting weapons.  You can go hunting, complete missions, or spend many hours crafting unusual weapon combinations.  The game play is enjoyable and fast, with multiplayer consisting of co-operative play only.  The graphics and sound definitely appears to pay homage to the shoot-em ups of old.  Better… Read the rest

Site update

Its time to update the website.  We are now rocking a new, mobile responsive website.  That means that the site will automatically adapt to the device that visits it!  Better yet, unlike the previous method of doing so, this new method keeps a consistent website theme. Anyway,  I need to manually visit each and every post and update it so that the random rendering issues are resolved.  This process will take some time, so please be patient.  Anyway, let us… Read the rest

Cubemen 2

Cubemen 2 this is about to get hairy… Cubemen 2 is a simple, fast paced, tower defence/war.  It mixes things up over standard tower defence by allowing the player to move the”towers” (in this case, soldiers) around the map on the fly.  The standard objective is that you defeat enough enemy attackers to prevent them from over running your base, but at the same time, attack with enough of your own to overwhelm them.  It’s a nice fresh take on a standard… Read the rest

Serious Sam 3: BFE

zz0c89059a043a75de Serious Sam has been serious fun in the LAN party scene for years now (pun intended).  Serious Sam 3 (SS3) comes along with a new graphics engine, boasting some pretty visuals, all while being cross platform (runs on Linux, Windows and Mac).  Keeping true to its roots, Serious Sam 3 is less about storyline, but more about game-play.  Find it hard to fight enemies one on one? Well, SS3 will pit you (and your friends) against hundreds of enemies… all… Read the rest